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        Nantong Changce Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., ltd. founded in 1994,  is located in Nantong Jiangsu Province, within one hour economic circle of Shanghai, is experienced in test systems for all kingd power equipment, engine and vehicle. 

      Nantong Changce with science and technology is the first productivity and innovation and development as the guiding philosophy, is fully committed to the new technology, new product development and research. For many years, the company has focused on a number of high, intermediate technical and management talent, has introductd with the market demand and forward looking product. And made a number of patents. Since the establishment of the company, has become a test equipment in the field of influential manufacturers and integrators, and become the domestic AC power test technology lead.

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    Nantong Changce Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., ltd. was founded.

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    Obtaining Patents for Automotive Testing Equipment


Production Strength

CJD has the ability to become a manufacturer of automobile and power drive equipment test-bed of your quality


Creative projects

Innovation, honesty, friendship and responsibility are the values we always advocate.

| Service Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of the survival and development of enterprises, and the needs of users are always the first. The common mechanical and electrical equipment always adheres to the sense of responsibility and the concept of serving users, and regards the requirements of users as the greatest trust to us. It is our duty and obligation to complete all kinds of after-sales service work quickly and efficiently. We solemnly promise you the following technical services:

- Installation and commissioning:

We will provide installation and debugging services according to customer requirements......


Announcement of Environmental Protection Acceptance Report on Completion of 55 AC Electric Dynamometer Projects

In February 2016, our company commissioned Suzhou Ketai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. to compile and complete the environmental impact report form, and on March 29, 2016, it was approved by Jiangsu Nantong Sutong Science and Technology Industrial Park Planning and Construction Environmental Protection Bureau (Sutong Ring Table Complex [2016]4).

2016 Seminar on New Energy Vehicle Power Testing Technology

From September 25 to 26, 2016, a seminar on new energy vehicle power test technology was held by our company, which was successfully held in Qidong Bosheng Hotel, Qidong Global Building. Automobile industry customers such as SAIC, Vela, Huayu Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile New Energy, Lexus Automobile, ABB, Omeni, Dongan Power, Dongfeng Electronics and other experts participated in the seminar.

China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association Convening Five Meetings of Directors (Expanded)

On September 20, 2016, our company participated in the five (expanded) meetings of the Board of Directors of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association held in Beijing. As a governing body, we listened carefully and voted on the following proposals:

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